Fins underneath –

A matter that’s been resurfacing in the past few weeks, as the installation season begins, is people requesting Tournament Kits for their Leisure Boat Lift. That’s great when you know you need it. A Tournament Kit provides the extra height needed for the propeller and fins to clear the lift, as well as a different style of stopping board that the fins rest on.

Gorilla Brackets (Right) are sometimes needed to give the boat extra height above the lift.

Most new tournament-style boats will have large fins underneath the bottom and it’s easy enough to tell if you’ve got them – just take a look under the hull. If you don’t know, just check next time you’ve got your boat out on a trailer. It’s important to know this so that if you do decide to get a boat lift for your boat, that it be equipped with a tournament kit or Gorilla Brackets to rise it from the water even further. Although the fins are important, the even bigger problem that can come from having an improper lift is damage to the prop. The prop needs to be able to clear the lift or have the fins stop at a board to avoid any damage.

A Finned Tournament Boat without a tournament kit.

One owner hadn’t known he had fins under his new boat and nearly let that get away on him – luckily no damage was done, but you can see how close the fins and prop can get to the lift without Gorilla Brackets. The brackets adds many inches of height to the boat when lifted, taking away the chance of denting any fin or prop.

A prop shown on a boat, the lifter without Gorilla Brackets.


Okanagan Waters and Winterization

Murky waters caused by spring run off from the water shed from the mountains.

Some waters in the Okanagan area can become quite murky and dull-looking – this is due to run off from the melting snow held in the mountains. This water fills the lakes, stirring up a lot of muck around creeks and the lake bottom. This happens every year – really nothing to be concerned about. All it really does against our crew is lower the visibility during an installation, but this is of little concern to us and our diving equipment.

But it is important to know that this is all a part of winter ending and starting a new summer season with Leisure Boat Lift. A good season requires a properly winterized Leisure Boat Lift, which is simple enough – cradle lifted out of the water, and a cover over top of your tower and drive.

A cover can be as simple as a big plastic utility/garbage bag tied over the top of the lift tower, or if you’re looking for something excellent in covers – Capricorn Upholstery in Vernon caters to the design of a fabric fitted top for a Leisure Boat Lift’s electric drive.

A properly kept LBL over the winter.

DNR Specialty Welding and the Lake Front

Often we’ve emphasized that service and regular maintenance are key to a long lasting Leisure Boat Lift. Like any quality machine, it requires care and upkeep. It’s easy to forget that DNR Specialty Welding is nestled right in Vernon, and not at the lake front , your boat lift can’t just be brought to us, or any other technician – it’s specialty work requiring our crew to head out and take care of the equipment; and when you factor in wages, fuel costs, equipment, and supplies, the costs for a simple job to go out and lubricate a lift can rack up.

A few requirements for a service call.

Although we are indeed detached from the lake front itself, we are certainly not seperate from the lake front community. Working in harmony with the community members is just as important as any other step in the process of Leisure Boat Lift.

Southern B.C. Mussels

A problem can arise when it comes to building and adding onto your lake front – an endangered species often forgotten about. Yes, the Rocky Mountain Ridged Mussel is one creature that really doesn’t get much attention – but the Canadian Wildlife Service has yet to forget about it and has rules in place that oversee the safety and habitat restoration of the mussel. It is the only known living kind left of its own genus, and can be the cause of a lot of distress if there happens to be a group on your lake front property – the construction of a dock would be completely prohibited. The problem stems from the construction of docks / lifts / other lake-front products stirring up and altering the habitat that these mussels reside in.

This small creature can cause quite a stir, so if for some reason you’ve got a hunch that some may be residing around your property, check that first before any construction happens. This could get you into a lot of trouble later on – dealing with an endangered species is quite a process. From the map pictured below, you can see that the residence of these mussels is found mostly in the western area of the states, but their habitat does reach into southern BC and just creeps into the Okanagan.

Only a couple of customers (out of 1300+) have ever run into this problem – but it’s still something to check in on. Make sure your lake front is the appropriate place to have a dock and Leisure Boat Lift!

Tournament Kit Preview

Your Leisure Boat Lift can safely hold and support any standard boat. But when it comes to something a little faster, sharper, and more cutting-edge boats; a Tournament Kit is required. These are boats that have large fins on the underside of the boat, inboard motors, and a lower, sleeker design. The Tournament Kit offers these types of boats a higher lift, a newly placed stop board for the fins, and 4 guiding posts to make steering onto the lift very easy.

As you can see, the tournament kit is composed of several strong, unique components manufactured by us at DNR Specialty Welding. Although it doesn’t seem that exciting lying on the ground, attach it to a Leisure Boat Lift and you’ve got yourself a powerful lift perfect for holding the latest in tournament boats.

F Y I;

Boatlifts don’t build themselves. They don’t sell themselves, either; but that is obvious, because they do not contain the negotiation skills to make such a transaction. That would be downright silly. It’s just steel. But behind this is DNR Specialty Welding, just us few guys who labor each day to manufacture our lift and do all the sales. We’re not a large-scale company that can mass produce and sell in bulk, letting a salesperson arrange and arbitrate offers and deals.
People have asked, “How can you draft up an 1800 lb. product and sell it for $10,000?”
The answer is just what I wrote above – our entire business is contained within a single unit of manufacturing, production, sales, and install.

We take that 1800 pounds of material and we put in the hours ourselves to cut, weld, grind and machine everything into a Leisure Boat Lift. Think of a day at the dentist’s office. A small, almost insignificant procedure can rocket its cost into the thousands for nothing more than a tooth crown. We perform a major procedure that takes skill, technique, equipment and material.  Among us are employees with their own families, bills, mortgages, taxes and other worries; all working in a place that must afford vehicles and work barges (and their subsidiary costs of fuel and insurance.) A place with fees like utilities, shop supplies, and the rising cost of steel. The price of simply managing our massive local customer base is becoming quite a cost in itself – it’s difficult to keep track of over thirteen hundred Leisure Boat Lifts.

When it comes to those thousand-plus Leisure Boat Lifts, it was only us who performed the unique installation process for each and every LBL out there. Each lift requires seasonal maintenance which is also supplied directly by us – no other service division or anything of that nature. We install the lift, and we take care of it. When our crew heads out to do an installation, the waters can get pretty rough. Although we have gone out for an installation in some pretty ugly weather, we try to avoid these scenarios – a stormy day is not only colder and harder to work in, but it also makes working on a dock very unsafe. A slippery, wet dock and heavy equipment isn’t the best combination; and it’s hard to install and position a Leisure Boat Lift in white-cap waves.

And when this big journey of cost after cost begins, we put in the time and effort to make relationships, get in contact with folks, and make the sales.  DNR has no sales division. It is just DNR Specialty Welding. No more, no less.                         -d.r

LBL Guarantee:

This won’t happen with your new Leisure Boat Lift!