DNR Specialty Welding and the Lake Front

Often we’ve emphasized that service and regular maintenance are key to a long lasting Leisure Boat Lift. Like any quality machine, it requires care and upkeep. It’s easy to forget that DNR Specialty Welding is nestled right in Vernon, and not at the lake front , your boat lift can’t just be brought to us, or any other technician – it’s specialty work requiring our crew to head out and take care of the equipment; and when you factor in wages, fuel costs, equipment, and supplies, the costs for a simple job to go out and lubricate a lift can rack up.

A few requirements for a service call.

Although we are indeed detached from the lake front itself, we are certainly not seperate from the lake front community. Working in harmony with the community members is just as important as any other step in the process of Leisure Boat Lift.


Tournament Kit Preview

Your Leisure Boat Lift can safely hold and support any standard boat. But when it comes to something a little faster, sharper, and more cutting-edge boats; a Tournament Kit is required. These are boats that have large fins on the underside of the boat, inboard motors, and a lower, sleeker design. The Tournament Kit offers these types of boats a higher lift, a newly placed stop board for the fins, and 4 guiding posts to make steering onto the lift very easy.

As you can see, the tournament kit is composed of several strong, unique components manufactured by us at DNR Specialty Welding. Although it doesn’t seem that exciting lying on the ground, attach it to a Leisure Boat Lift and you’ve got yourself a powerful lift perfect for holding the latest in tournament boats.

The Spark

It started out with Swedish diesel-powered attack submarines. Sweden lifting their submarines in the 1940’s from one side to dry dock for repair. The next instance of lifting from one side is Brazilians in Dutch Guiana who used one-sided lifts to work on militia support vehicles.

The easy to construct, mobile, one-sided lift used post-war.

These guys are pretty happy with the new lift. Click these pictures to view them full-sized!

This inspired our side-lifting, free-standing, forklift-like Boat lift which later took notice of a more recent innovation over in Saskatchewan:

Standing with the 'Ante' Equipment Lift

Standing with the 'Antec' Equipment Lift

Although an interesting and promising design at heart, the car lift never went too far and was a little wobbly for the work it did. But nobody had ever lifted a boat like this before – and that’s exactly what DNR Specialty Welding did.
Our own design improves and reworks nearly every aspect of this machine, but it’s still great to look back on what was happening in the “lift” world 50 years ago.

The Spark Glowing 1996.
The Spark Continues 2012

We are here to help Dad!