Okanagan Waters and Winterization

Murky waters caused by spring run off from the water shed from the mountains.

Some waters in the Okanagan area can become quite murky and dull-looking – this is due to run off from the melting snow held in the mountains. This water fills the lakes, stirring up a lot of muck around creeks and the lake bottom. This happens every year – really nothing to be concerned about. All it really does against our crew is lower the visibility during an installation, but this is of little concern to us and our diving equipment.

But it is important to know that this is all a part of winter ending and starting a new summer season with Leisure Boat Lift. A good season requires a properly winterized Leisure Boat Lift, which is simple enough – cradle lifted out of the water, and a cover over top of your tower and drive.

A cover can be as simple as a big plastic utility/garbage bag tied over the top of the lift tower, or if you’re looking for something excellent in covers – Capricorn Upholstery in Vernon caters to the design of a fabric fitted top for a Leisure Boat Lift’s electric drive.

A properly kept LBL over the winter.


Tournament Kit Preview

Your Leisure Boat Lift can safely hold and support any standard boat. But when it comes to something a little faster, sharper, and more cutting-edge boats; a Tournament Kit is required. These are boats that have large fins on the underside of the boat, inboard motors, and a lower, sleeker design. The Tournament Kit offers these types of boats a higher lift, a newly placed stop board for the fins, and 4 guiding posts to make steering onto the lift very easy.

As you can see, the tournament kit is composed of several strong, unique components manufactured by us at DNR Specialty Welding. Although it doesn’t seem that exciting lying on the ground, attach it to a Leisure Boat Lift and you’ve got yourself a powerful lift perfect for holding the latest in tournament boats.

Sending Your Deposit to DNR Specialty Welding Ltd.

Here are some answers to questions involving Interac E-Mail Money Transfer to make a deposit on a new Leisure Boat Lift –


Step-by-Step Procedure
Keep this page open while opening another tab to follow this walk through


– Go to your online personal banking website
– In the home tab on the home page, look for a “Funds Transfer” (or something similar)  line to click
–  In the sidebar look for bold lettering,  “Interac E-Mail Money Transfer”
– Click the line that says “Send Money”
–  Type the recipient’s name and e-mail
– Your sender information and e-mail
– and the Amount
– from which account
– Question (for security)
– Answer (to question)
– Comment; along the lines of “Here is the deposit money.”
– Click ‘Submit’
– Make a note or print the completed transaction reference number.

That’s it!

None of your bank account information is ever shared and no bank account numbers are  processed during this Interac.
The cost of this is the same as any other interac transfer that you make for regular purchases.
There is a limit as to how much you can send at one time.