Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Leisure Boat Lift?

Answer: Leisure Boat Lift is a free-standing, self supported boat lift that works by a hoist pulling up chain and letting down lift chain and hook. Gravity is the only means of lowering the rolling cradle which extends from the front of the tower.

Q: How can I contact DNR Specialty Welding about my Leisure Boat Lift?

A: Our website is, and you can e-mail us any time with any concerns at – Our local phone number is 250-542-3215, and our toll-free number is 1-800-661-2004.

Q: How much can it lift?

A: The load rating of a standard Leisure Boat Lift is 5000 pounds dry. The weight listed in your specifications or less. What if my boat is heavier than that? We do manufacture  Heavy Duty Leisure Boat Lifts. Orders are separated for the multiple ‘regular lifter’ production.

Q: What if I have a tournament boat?

A: In addition to your standard lift, we have a ‘tournament kit.’ This includes 4 outriggers which help guide the boat onto the lift, along with extra clearance (due to the lifted bunks) which allows the large fins on the bottom of a tournament boat to pass over the lift. 

Q: And what if I have a patio boat?

A: Like the tournament, we have a kit for that. Large riser beams extend from the cradle, holding your patio boat safely and securely.

Q: Is my water depth / lake bottom suitable for a Leisure Boat Lift?

A: Our LBL can be installed on virtually any lake bottom – We have put lifts into mud, silt and sand, and on rock. Just the depth of the water is not so important – What matters is the distance from the lake bottom to the top of your dock. This is important, because the depth of the water changes throughout the year, and we must situate the LBL as best as we can for all seasons. With a capability of over 6 feet in lift height, and possible leg adjustments of over 4 feet; LBL allows for an 11 foot distance from the lake bottom to the top of the dock. In shallow waters, LBL needs only a minimum of 5 feet from the lake bottom to the top of the dock.

Q: What kind of dock do I need?

A: Because Leisure Boat Lift does not attach to your dock in any way at all – It doesn’t matter. LBL can be installed next a very low or very high dock, even a floating dock ( )

Q: Does my LBL need any maintenance?

A: LBL is virtually maintenance free. The only maintenance suggested is a yearly lubrication of the wheel rollers inside the tower. There are 4 greasing points on the axles of the wheels, which need to be greased so that the wheels may roll smoothly and allow steady movement.

Q: What if I need service?

A: Our service and installation crew is always at the ready during the boating season; from spring to fall, with 2 fully equipped barges for any service needs. Some Leisure Boat Lifts are over 20 years old, and a service crew became a necessity within the Okanagan, so that we could fine-tune our older lifts which withstand the test of time beautifully. Lubricating rollers, cleaning brakes, repairing / replacing worn out bunks, parts; sprucing up the paint, re-establishing the lift, and much more can be done at your request.

Q: How much does _____ cost?

A: Any questions concerning prices can be answered at our website,


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