Why Blog Leisure Boat Lift?

What is BLOG?

Bringing Light Of Gleaning

Blogging here, brings the reader some opinion, insight and understanding, as they may be quizzical or interested in other venues regarding lake water, lake front communities and a lineal management vision.

DNR Specialty Welding Ltd. & Leisure Boat Lift  represents, maintains, hold interest in all that concerns the linear sections of shore management, longevity and sustained local rapport.  In fact I do not lift any boats that reside in back yards, fenced compounds, driveways or parking lots.

Talking about the water type vehicles stored away from the lakes, is like “blanket coverage,” and to assign specifics to a unique Community of Lakefront, seems low in rationality. Let’s say 99% of boat owners do not live on the lakefront. Now we could talk about lake impact, let alone market share.

Required variances and attention is first and for-most misunderstood generally through lack of history and haste of decision. I see in the past 27 years, properties holding so much value. Keeping progress afloat in the appropriate way of low impact and minimal long-term regret is not an easy picture to paint. I have recent photos of beautiful lakefront coexisting habitat.

I like to think of lakes and lake front as something very natural and almost impossible to have man-made or duplicated. I see in the past 50 years, backyards with high taxes and funds being spent in the wrong directions. I see a task at hand, and simply tabling concerns and values, wishes and wants, we can sometimes create a common goal. We can gain interest and embrace isolated  concerns rather than an arrogance of bureaucracy’s, cherished by no-one. 

You may already know or have someway been associated with me and the lifting of boats. I’ve been able to work with metal since age 6. In the past I’ve been a BC provincial ticketed welder and fabricated for the ‘log harvest’ and ‘ground engaging’ industries, since 1975.  You could say I can weld everything, ‘cept the crack of dawn. Today I wear numerous hats in any calendar day. I attribute my 35 years of success in business to surrounding myself with great in-term workers and places of commerce, generating income through season situations and meeting everyday needs.

Family is 1st on agenda, though I have thousands of good acquaintances. Living within my means, living right and sleep well nightly. Still a lot of my time is involved in this project Leisure Boat Lift. I still consider this to be a privilege and honour, living and working in the Okanagan. Sometimes just making seasons meet. I was born to a loving family in the Vernon Jubilee hospital. I have always lived within a few km of this wonderful little city, Vernon BC.

Attributes I have on occasions are photography, computer skills. All season
 experience, mountain air and water, camps, lakes and fish.

As in work, the weather decides most of the fun.


Thanks for checking up on me.

Doug Reich

Excerpt: DNR Welding Incorporated in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, in 1980, and has been manufacturing Leisure Boat Lifts since 1985. There are over 1500 lifts on 18 different lakes, with connections all the way in New Brunswick, down to Santiago, Chile.  The unique design has revolutionized the marketplace of private mooring. Leisure Boat Lift was developed out of necessity. Boats have become a major financial investment and should be enjoyed with peace of mind and very little maintenance. We have introduced a lifter which is strong and simple in design.

DNR Specialty Welding Ltd.
4209 24 Ave
V1T 1M1
Vernon, B.C., Canada
(250) 542-3215
1 (800) 661-2004


Photo Courtesy of DNRLBL



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