Habitat Home and Living Room

We often literally walk on the beauty of our surroundings in haste of  other concerns. As information becomes more the ‘focus’ in our lives, we tend to “miss the trees for the forest” obscuring our vision.

Thinking that may be stated backwards, defense is within this posting.

           So often text messaging, emailing, phoning & faxing, through daily routines leaves little room to look up and out at what really is your space. What is home and what is habitat? Who cares?

What a great question! Who does care? Who is it that really could care less? Possibly every living thing on the planet that has not been swallowed by the age of correspondence. They just have very limited resources for communicating concerns to the holder of the latest technology that they’ve just been stepped on or ignored. Granted sometimes this can go a little overboard and off the handle as crusading tends to come from limited yet powerful positions.

So we have  two extremes that seem to be drifting further from each their own interests. Keeping things aligned with Venus and Mars, of coarse, a pipe dream. ( look that one up on Wiki.) Caught in the middle, the over zealous, the over concerned the over cautious along with the unselfish, the misunderstood, the unheard and mostly the unseen.

Knowing about a little bit of everything would surely help slow down the discernment of  how well your surroundings are at this point and what impact our being here will have on the thin crust of the earth we will certainly be contained in and leave for others to tread upon.

Learning then legislating. Listening then responding. Collecting  and absorbing then reason and result. Too easy but so difficult. Ever had to hurry up, then wait? Both easy yet difficult. Not in a life time, can we say yah and nay in the same breath to direct the way our home and habitat become the living room we dream of or expect. We can be more diverse in our thinking, though it takes time. Our actions could be less in haste. Time is of essence and held dearly in a balance. Using time wisely has always been good policy.

With the wealth of knowledge at our finger tips, search engines begging for your single word questions and a broad library of opinion to digest, richness could be measured in health and happiness for the great and the small. Discover  more of the living room held so delicately in the “balance” of life as we know it. Play and work within.

Here is a STARTER KIT ( Click ) straight from the home of the Okanagan. Enjoy and reap the benefits just being slightly more informed with history and disclosures available. You’ll only say “gee i didn’t know that” ….once.

Gee I didn’t know that!

Many thanks to Royal BC Museum


3 Responses

  1. All is a gift for us to appreciate.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice work.

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