In The Making,

Just a snapshot of the countless drafts documenting each LBL component.

One example of how many pieces make up all of Leisure Boat Lift can be seen in this blueprint of a PWC Kit – Not even an entire lift, only the kit which attaches onto the cradle, and already there are  25+ pieces of steel requiring a large variety of bolts and different welding techniques, along with the need of being perfectly aligned so the entire kit works together. Just finding the turf-style carpet necessary to cover each walkway and stopping board is a trial; the carpet must be ordered from Quebec, and requires hours of hand work just to cut and size the carpet rolls, and staple it all together proportionately. When it comes to creating a Leisure Boat Lift, there aren’t many short cuts available. Everything is taken into account, and crafted with care – there is no middle man. Just our one crew doing the entirety of work – sales, manufacturing, installing.

Each LBL component has been drafted or is in the process of having its own blueprint made. This is a long project that has been looking over every measurement used by DNR Specialty Welding in the past 30 years, going over every detail involved in a Leisure Boat Lift. In 1986, blueprints for Leisure Boat Lift and each of its components were drafted by hand by one man, Karel Suchma. It’s a painstaking process to be drawn by hand, requiring total focus and concentration. Our current AutoCAD project is drafting done by computer, where much of the line work and mathematical processing is a breeze compared to decades ago. But over those years, a lot has changed, and countless updates need to be done to the original LBL idea, especially to accommodate for the changing world of modern boats in our local lakes. Boats are getting bigger, faster, and longer. A “big” boat, when we started 25 years ago, was a 16 foot boat with 85 horsepower. We’re changing everything to be the strongest, most reliable lifter for the constantly improving boats there are today.


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