Different Paths

LBL is a unique product. It’s hard to find a side-lifting, free standing, single-tower lift anywhere else. But another attribute to our little boat lift is its handy ability to have its lift kit switched in and out to anything you need. From a standard boat, to a tournament kit, to a patio boat. These are not the only choices, though. You can put pretty much anything on to the carriage cradle.

Just one example of Leisure Boat Lift’s flexibility is the above photo. Instead of putting a plain ol’ boat onto a lift, one customer requested a lifting dock. The lift brings the dock in and out of the water, and is used for anything from holding kayaks, canoes, tubes, and other toys, to lowering into the water just a touch and relaxing on it sprawled out onto a lawn chair. A lot of inventing and designing has been going on since the start of DNR Specialty Welding, and this is just one example.


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