Eco-Safe, People-Safe

When a Leisure Boat Lift is installed near the shore of your lakefront property, the only thing that has changed is the shiny white Lifter standing beside your dock. There are no pollutants clouding the water afterwards and aquatic plants and life are left alone. We install LBL using only a safe marine epoxy to coat every component of the lift. The coating is a potable tank-lining suitable for lining storage containers for orange juice, coffee, and other liquids – It’s also used for lining concrete swimming pools.

All of the wood used (the carpeted bunks and motor stop) is untreated, J-Grade wood; and is perfectly safe for around a swimming area. In the event that you must swim around the Lifter, there are no sharp corners.  The grease used to service the 4 grease points on the carriage cradle is a safe food grade lubricant.

The end result is the same clean, safe waters that were there before; but now with a clean, safe boat lifted above that water.


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