F Y I;

Boatlifts don’t build themselves. They don’t sell themselves, either; but that is obvious, because they do not contain the negotiation skills to make such a transaction. That would be downright silly. It’s just steel. But behind this is DNR Specialty Welding, just us few guys who labor each day to manufacture our lift and do all the sales. We’re not a large-scale company that can mass produce and sell in bulk, letting a salesperson arrange and arbitrate offers and deals.
People have asked, “How can you draft up an 1800 lb. product and sell it for $10,000?”
The answer is just what I wrote above – our entire business is contained within a single unit of manufacturing, production, sales, and install.

We take that 1800 pounds of material and we put in the hours ourselves to cut, weld, grind and machine everything into a Leisure Boat Lift. Think of a day at the dentist’s office. A small, almost insignificant procedure can rocket its cost into the thousands for nothing more than a tooth crown. We perform a major procedure that takes skill, technique, equipment and material.  Among us are employees with their own families, bills, mortgages, taxes and other worries; all working in a place that must afford vehicles and work barges (and their subsidiary costs of fuel and insurance.) A place with fees like utilities, shop supplies, and the rising cost of steel. The price of simply managing our massive local customer base is becoming quite a cost in itself – it’s difficult to keep track of over thirteen hundred Leisure Boat Lifts.

When it comes to those thousand-plus Leisure Boat Lifts, it was only us who performed the unique installation process for each and every LBL out there. Each lift requires seasonal maintenance which is also supplied directly by us – no other service division or anything of that nature. We install the lift, and we take care of it. When our crew heads out to do an installation, the waters can get pretty rough. Although we have gone out for an installation in some pretty ugly weather, we try to avoid these scenarios – a stormy day is not only colder and harder to work in, but it also makes working on a dock very unsafe. A slippery, wet dock and heavy equipment isn’t the best combination; and it’s hard to install and position a Leisure Boat Lift in white-cap waves.

And when this big journey of cost after cost begins, we put in the time and effort to make relationships, get in contact with folks, and make the sales.  DNR has no sales division. It is just DNR Specialty Welding. No more, no less.                         -d.r



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