LBL Service Review

The Maintenance Crew

The Leisure Boat Lift service team is no ordinary group of workers taken from the masses, but each employee is part of family or a closely knit group of friends. Our team comes prepared at your dock with several thousand dollars worth of the proper equipment for any situation. At the dock you’ll find certified divers and electricians, and at the warehouse you’ll find professional welders, painters, sandblasters, and latheworkers each with their own story, family, and hard working ambition. Your Leisure Boat Lift could not be in better hands with our service team in on the operation.

A day of service begins with a lot of preparation – loading each barge with the appropriate equipment (water pumps, respirators, spare components, countless wrenches and other smaller tools, and experienced, certified workers) as well as preparing and fueling our work trucks, and driving out to the area where work can be done. The LBL Crew is connected with local pile driving companies and local electrical companies.

If you think your Leisure Boat Lift may need service, first evaluate the problem. Is your boatlift chattering and skipping in the down direction? Will your electric drive not activate? Is your lift leaning to one side? All of these problems and many more can be solved by our service crew. Give us a call or e-mail with any questions, or visit our website.

DNR Specialty Welding Ltd.
4209 24 Ave
V1T 1M1
(250) 542-3215


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