Sending Your Deposit to DNR Specialty Welding Ltd.

Here are some answers to questions involving Interac E-Mail Money Transfer to make a deposit on a new Leisure Boat Lift –

Step-by-Step Procedure
Keep this page open while opening another tab to follow this walk through


– Go to your online personal banking website
– In the home tab on the home page, look for a “Funds Transfer” (or something similar)  line to click
–  In the sidebar look for bold lettering,  “Interac E-Mail Money Transfer”
– Click the line that says “Send Money”
–  Type the recipient’s name and e-mail
– Your sender information and e-mail
– and the Amount
– from which account
– Question (for security)
– Answer (to question)
– Comment; along the lines of “Here is the deposit money.”
– Click ‘Submit’
– Make a note or print the completed transaction reference number.

That’s it!

None of your bank account information is ever shared and no bank account numbers are  processed during this Interac.
The cost of this is the same as any other interac transfer that you make for regular purchases.
There is a limit as to how much you can send at one time.


2 Responses

  1. The email transfer of funds was an excellent way to send Doug the money for our boat lift project. It sure made life easy living in Alberta and sending DNR Welding their money. I would recommend this method to anyone. It works exactly like making a bill payment online. Piece of cake!

    Thanks Doug,


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