Operator’s License Required! Words of Wisdom to Visitors of the Okanagan

It’s a big cash grab for British Columbia – A big fine for operating anything, anywhere, without taking the precaution of spending 50 bucks and an hour of your time to get a license. This will keep B.C. waters safe..


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  1. A special thanks.
    Daniel Reich, definitely has amazing built in talents. That is to say skills in his possession by a ‘divine afflatus.’
    Enthusiasm with no limit when a task is at hand.
    The Blog here just shines now.
    This son of mine seems to gain momentum with each endeavour. All tasks posed as challenges and then relinquished
    to fine art, then prepared for another.
    Daniel, you are one of the best team players Leisure Boat Lift has ever
    be so fortunate to have on the roster.

  2. Hello, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, Your blog looks good. Have a nice day.

  3. yea nice Work 😀

  4. What a fabulous idea !

    Forum for lift owners and operators is super for communicating tips, tricks, troubleshooting, especially with those who have owned one for a number of years.

    A facebook group page / fan club would work well also. It has the option to add photos, send notifications, post events, updates, like the forums.

    I was asked how heavy a boat the first round of Leisure Lifts could lift, and are the 1.5 ton winches still used these days?

    • Thank you for your kind post. The “kito” brand chain hoist used today in the first category Leisure Boat Lift, will not yield to stress at 10,000 pounds.
      This is when it is not in work rotation, but retaining ‘load’.
      At 11,000 pounds, a chain link breaks, internal parts show elongation stress.
      Pretty cool for a chain hoist called a “one and a half ton”.
      Next step up is a “2 ton” “kito” brand also made in Japan, next door to the Toyota plant.
      It’s cost is $1,500.00 dollars and I know it will take many thousands more pounds to make it fail.

  5. Wishing the weather was better….so we could really enjoy our new leisure boat lift and new boat.

    • Maybe a squall jacket while in the boat would be good. I heard…..’if you don’t like the weather in the Okanagan, on occasion, just wait 1/2 an hour’.
      Rest assured, Leisure Boat Lift does it’s job 24/7, for the next 30 years +.
      I wish for favourable weather too, to work in.

  6. Lake level is coming up nicely with all this rain. Yahoo! I was a little worried there for a while. Let’s hope the Columbia Water Treaty dosen’t wreck our lake levels in the future. Who was it that said doing business with the states is like a mouse sleeping with an elephant. “When the elephant wants to roll over you have to be very careful.”

  7. wonder what the weather will be like next weekend?

  8. so excited, where can i sign up for your RSS feed and e-mail blitz, don’t want to miss a single post. Content is what its all about… build it and they will come!!

    cheers cr

  9. The weather today sucks but the lake is flat. Hoededoe

  10. Raining today. Working on “PWC” kits. Resuming installs as the weather gets better.

  11. How cold is the water in your local lakes?

  12. Why not just email you with a quick question or request?

  13. Why do I need to use my email address?

  14. How often will comments be viewed?

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